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How does a music fountain spray water?-Brand Fountain Manufacturer will introduce to you

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Music fountain, based on program control, adds

control system. Computer audio control system keeps synchronization between the shape change of Music fountain and lighting by identifying signal, decoding and coding, and finally outputting signal control system, so as to realize the perfect combination of fountain, the music of lighting and color change and emotion, and make the display of music fountain more vivid and full of meaning to reflect water art. The music fountain of Brand Fountain Manufacturer can fluctuate according to the level of music. Users can write their favorite music program editing interface. The system can play music, water, lighting, atmosphere, unified and synchronous playback.

Control System

The program control system and music control system are programmed to combine fountain shapes and melody, synchronized lighting to produce ever-changing water features that reflect music content and themes. The two systems are mainly used in large music fountain squares, theme parks, artificial lakes, playgrounds and other places.


The use of physical wave music files will be divided into several basic emotional features of the music part: 10 milliseconds of accuracy, and automatic recognition of shock, thought, emotion, joy, excitement, sadness, cheerfulness, lively music, etc. They were converted to control signals and then they synchronize output signals. After that, they will eventually output specific brand peripheral control unit to control submersible pump, solenoid valve, underwater lamp and drive actuator according to the rules, such as an integrated visual and auditory experience.


When people experience various kinds of audio, they will unconsciously feel that these phenomena related to other auditory experience organs are called synaesthesia, which is a phenomenon of heterogeneous conditions and heterogeneous multi-correspondence. Under normal circumstances, through a bright visual experience, positive or happy feelings, such as bass often manifest a dark visual experience, depression or sad feelings, etc., It’s easy to feel the relaxed rhythm under an open space or a calm mood, while the fast rhythm is easy to feel cramped, emotional and so on.


The fountain tracking assignment is based on the synesthesia phenomenon to configure various water-based. Such as, dance choreography. A successful performance needs the dancer to consider using the appropriate  movements to show the corresponding musical moods.

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