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How the fountain company installed the music fountain

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When we walk in the park or the square, we can basically see the music fountains, which follow the rhythm of the music and change into different forms. If it is at night, with the colorful lights, it will be even more dazzling, so everyone in the room will be intoxicated and linger. When we were amazed at its beauty, have we ever thought about how the musical fountain is installed?

music fountain


Automatic control technology is the most critical technology in the music fountain, and its main features are as follows:

*1. The music signal collection function extracts the active components according to the frequency characteristics.

*2. The direct control of the music fountain, directly driving the pump, inverter or server.

*3. The fault diagnosis of the fountain equipment can diagnose the running status of the host, leakage and the working state of the drive cabinet.

*4. The open structure, friendly man-machine interface, communication interface and programming skills are open to the user. It is only necessary to complete the music fountain with the two keys of the mouse, which makes it easy to make the music fountain matching library rich and always give people A refreshing feeling.

*5. The Chinese menu operating system enables the operator to learn how to operate in a short time. It has the function of displaying various dynamic shapes and patterns of the music fountain, so that the operator can observe various changes of the fountain through the computer screen, which is greatly convenient for the music fountain’s music and operator to use.

*From this, we can know that when we enjoy the beautiful and charming music fountain, it is controlled by many operating systems, and the fountain can be displayed freely in front of our eyes.


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