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Three highlights of the waterscreen movie fountain equipment

Publish Time:2019/04/11 News Number of views:1016

Now more and more cities are starting to build fountain equipment, which belongs to the water curtain film to attract people’s attention. Because the professional fountain equipment like the water curtain film, the multi-integrated sound and optoelectronics perfectly displays the technology and art, reflecting the incomparable era of light and shadow in the city or scenic area. Then, let’s take a look at the three highlights of the water curtain movie fountain equipment:

1, With huge, stunning picture.

The water curtain film fountain equipment mainly uses high-pressure water pump and special water curtain generator to enable water to be ejected from top to bottom at high speed, and successfully forms a huge fan-shaped screen after atomization. At the same time, a special projector is used to project a special video tape onto the screen to form a water curtain movie. When the audience is enjoying the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain will merge with the natural night sky to create a very dreamy feeling. The huge picture makes people shock.

2, Strong three-dimensional effect

Fountain device with a good reputation in the industry like the water curtain movie, its other highlight is the ability to present a strong stereoscopic picture. Because the water curtain movie discards the white cloth and wall that are commonly used in the past, it uses the water curtain as the carrier of the projection. And because the screen is a transparent water film, it can exhibit a special optical effect when the image is played. Such an optical effect gives the picture a rich three-dimensional effect, and the film content can be cleverly combined with the water surface.

3, a wide audience

Water curtain film fountain equipment can not only be viewed at close range, but also at a distance.  Different viewing positions can produce different viewing effects, but you can see the beauty of the water curtain movie no matter where you are. Therefore, the audience is also a highlight of the water curtain film fountain equipment.

To sum up, the water curtain film fountain equipment has three highlights: a stunning picture, a strong three-dimensional effect, and a wide audience.  And the water curtain film using advanced water screen technology perfectly shows people excellent visual effects, and slowly becomes a good advertising tool. Today, the economic benefits it creates are also very satisfying.


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