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The beautification and environmental protection function of the music fountain

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What are the impacts of musical fountains on urban construction?
1. The beautification and environmental protection function of the music fountain
Among the various types of water fountains, the functions exhibited by the fountains are also the main functions that fully demonstrate beautification and environmental protection. On the one hand, the music fountain shows the builder’s momentum and strength, showing the grade of the residential community and the landscaping of the environment, or the decorative function of the city square or the commercial center, which plays a finishing role. On the other hand, water fountains, especially large-scale musical fountains, perform environmentally friendly and healthy functions for the surrounding environment and people. Because the water mist generated during the water injection process can humidify the surrounding air, reduce dust and lower the temperature, and the water can be recycled through treatment; the beautiful environment also saves a lot of water resources. The water droplets ejected from the water fountain produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions, which is beneficial to human health.
2、 the artistic function of the music fountain
Throughout the world’s history of fountain development and the past and present of the music fountain, only those fountains with simple craftsmanship,classic artistic style and vitality will be as long as the development elements of the fashion world. In the water fountain performance, especially the artistic effect of the music fountain, the high tide rises again and again with the radiant radiance of the sky, and it is a the gorgeous glamorous visual feast of sound, light, electricity, water and fire. In general, the artistic effect of the waterscape fountain requires the water fountain design company to continuously introduce new and exquisite ideas and solid landscape construction practice experience, coordinating with the surrounding urban buildings, striving for harmony and unity, embodying the combination of light and color, combining function and art. The successful realization of these artistic design concepts are inseparable from several artistic effects design aspects such as concept design, effect design, 3D animation design and construction drawing design.


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