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What aspects need to be considered when designing a fountain

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Fountain is constructed by artificial plastic or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to watch the water.

Fountain is an important part of the garden.

If it is a pool fountain, the most commonly used is the cast-in-place concrete structure. In order to ensure watertight, waterproof concrete should be used.

To prevent cracks, the steel bar should be properly configured. The expansion joint and subsidence joint shall also be appropriately set for large pool. These structural joints shall be set with water belt and filled with flexible leak-proof material. The junction of the fountain pool with other joints, such as, the pipe ditch, the pump house, etc., should also be provided with settlement joints and leak-proof treatment. The wall of the pool can be decorated with granite and glazed tiles, but waterproof mortar should be used. The construction of the bottom and the wall of the pool may vary according to the specific design. When designing the pipeline to pass through the bottom and outer walls of the fountain, it is necessary to take measures to prevent leakage. Generally, a waterproof sleeve is provided. Fountain design spillway is designed to maintain a certain water level and to carry out surface drainage, and to keep the water surface clean. The commonly used overflows are in the form of mouthwash, funnel, nozzle, and connecting pipe, etc., and can also be selected according to specific conditions. If there is a spillway in a large fountain pool that cannot meet the requirements, several spillway spillways may be set up, but they shall be uniformly arranged in the pool. The position of spillway shall not affect the appearance, and it is convenient to remove the spillage from the fountain and dredge the fountain pipeline. Grilles or grids should be placed outside the spillway to prevent larger floaters from clogging the pipe. Grid clearance or screen mesh diameter shall not be greater than 1/4 of tube diameter.


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