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Analysis of the advantages of water curtain movies

Publish Time:2019/03/14 News Number of views:915

Huge picture
The small water curtains are generally close to 10 meters in length and width, and the area is about 100 square meters. The large lake water curtain can be more than 150 meters long and the height can reach more than 30 meters. The night view effect is more than the urban landmark building. Bright. This water curtain can also be adapted to local conditions, such as the use of local waterfalls. The oversized features of the water curtain are unmatched by other technologies.

Various forms
The simpler useful pool plane has a rectangular vertical plane, an irregular vertical plane, and a 360-degree circular solid. At the beginning of 2011, the circular water curtain film was officially released at the Ocean Park in Hong Kong.

Shocking visual impact
With the super-powerful sound effect, the unpredictable laser beam, like the mirage scene, allows the audience near the scene to experience the mysterious fantasy of the fairyland.

Wide audience
Not only close-up but also far-sighted. Of course, the angle of view is different, and the effect will vary widely. For example, watching at the lake, watching in a nearby high-rise building, in the distance or aerial photography, etc. In short, you can always have a free method.


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