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Several Tips for Square Fountain Planning

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The fountain was originally a natural landscape, as well as the outcrop of confined water, and now the fountain is mostly a decorative artificial fountain created for the needs of landscaping. It not only has rich showy water flowers, but also can be combined with music, colorful lighting and so on. The fountain company introduced the planning skills of the square fountain.

First, seeking beautiful, and settling the structure of the fountain and the inner pipeline

  1. Planning the structure of the fountain according to the general requirements

The most common practice is to make the pool wall higher than the ground, so that the pool wall can be used to store water. Together with a small provocation that rises above the water surface of the pool wall, so that people can sit. In addition, when the water sprays or the wind blows, the water splash can not be splashed outside the pool. The water tray in the fountain can plan various tricks and methods according to the needs of art construction. There are three basic methods: hole overflow, overflow weir and combination.

  1. Seeking beauty, and planning the pipeline inside the fountain

When planning the piping of the fountain, it should be considered that the water sprayed from the nozzle is beautiful. Generally considering a straight nozzle, the straight pipe section should have a length of 20 to 50 times the nozzle diameter, of course, there can be no sharp turn. If required, a rectifier can be placed inside the pipe section in front of the nozzle to make the water column more compact. If it is necessary to set the tube section or ring tube section, the flow rate is generally not more than 0.5 ~ 0.6 m/s, to ensure the inclination of the nozzle, which is best to use adjustable nozzle direction. In addition, the water distribution pipe should be determined according to the flower type equipment to determine the dendrite or ring. In addition, the water distribution pipe should be determined according to the flower type equipment to determine the dendrite or ring. It is necessary to lubricate and tight the pipe joints. Lubrication elbows with large turning radius should also be used for turning, and different diameter pipes should be used outside the boundary.

Second, keeping your feet on the ground and planning fountain appreciation position, shape and fountain scale

  1. Keep your feet on the ground and plan the appreciation position and shape of the fountain

The appreciation and shape of the fountain should be determined according to various local conditions and the inductive requirements of the art. Focusing on the primary appreciation address, the first consideration of the pattern is to consider the number of nozzles, the suitability of the orientation and the installation of the underwater lights, and then propose an appropriate water spray posture change plan and appropriate water volume and hydraulic press control methods. The requirements make the pattern become organized, light and dark.

2.Deciding the size of the fountain according to requirements

In general, the radius of the pool is not less than the spray height. The depth of the sprinkler basin should generally be determined according to the requirements of the sprinkler head equipment. Generally speaking, the shallower the depth of the sprinkler basin is, the smaller the amount of water exchange required when the water is emptied. If the equipment is needed for underwater lamps, the optimal separation of the underwater lamps from the water surface is about 60 mm, and the water depth of the water pool is generally 60 mm. If the pipelines are demanded to be placed in layers, the water depth shall be determined according to the actual needs.

Third, convenient guidance and setting up other equipment

1.It is convenient to clean. When setting the overflow discharge of the fountain and the overflow equipment of the resupply equipment, it should not affect the beauty, and it is easy to clean and dredge. A grid shall be set in front of the overflow port to prevent floaters from blocking the pipeline. The gap of the grid shall not be greater than 1/4 of the diameter of the drain pipe.The primary function of the drainage equipment is to facilitate cleaning. To overhaul or stop the operation of the fountain, the water should be emptied. General methods of drainage are pressure type and gravity type. If the circulating water system is used, the pool drain can be used in combination with the pump suction port, and the pump is used to drain the air. Drain puddles should be equipped with grids and covered with filters to prevent blockage of drains and circulating pumps.

  1. According to different requirements, there are two ways to change the fountain flow posture and control the fountain flow posture: one is to operate multiple pumps together. This method can ensure that other pumps do not work except the water pump that is spraying water. The pump can be selected according to the required lift, which saves the pipeline and consumes less power. However, the pump starts to stop frequently and is easy to damage the equipment. The other is to set up a control valve between the outlet pipe and the nozzle of the water pump, which is to use a water pump to control the nozzles of several systems and change the nozzle system with the control valve. Also, it should be aware that the sprinklers of each sprinkler system should not be disturbed.
  2. Pay attention to the rational use of water-lifting equipment and lighting equipment

Generally, the water jet is provided with water pump. The commonly used water pump is horizontal centrifugal pump and submersible pump. When the submersible pump is selected for use, it is directly placed in the pool or deeper suction pit and covered with grid. The area of water absorption filter shall not be less than 5 mm. Large fountains can choose these two pumps together to meet different requirements. If the submersible pump local water supply can be adapted to a single nozzle away from the pump water supply area, and centrifugal pump for other nozzles. When choosing a centrifugal pump, a semi-underground or underground pump room should be built and positioned as far as possible within the inconspicuous local or green area of the pool. Of course, the distance between the pool can not exceed 25m, considering the pump room ventilation, drainage and other issues. The maximum planned flow rate of the suction pipe of the pump is 0.3 m/s. When installing pipes and valves, we should pay attention to the proper height and proper use of space in the empty hill pump room, and pay attention to the method of emptying the water in the pipes.

The above are a few tips for the planning of the square fountain.


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