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Definition of Water Fountain

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A Water Fountain is a combination of water or other liquid sprayed through nozzles with a specific shape and generally provides water pressure.


Water Fountain


Water Fountain types:.


Water Fountain landscape can be divided into two categories:.

First, according to the local situation measures, according to the site terrain structure to imitate natural water features, such as wall springs, gushing springs, fog springs, pipe flow, streams, waterfalls, curtains, falling water, water waves, whirlpools, etc..


Second is completely dependent on water fountain equipment artificial landscape, in recent years, widely used in the field of construction, rapid development, a wide variety, including music water fountain, program control water fountain, swing water fountain, running water fountain, light water fountain, entertainment water fountain, laser water curtain movie, etc..


Third, the use of water fountains:.


Water Fountain is initially a natural landscape, is a pressure water ground, garden water fountain, the general need for landscape, artificial decorative water jets, water fountain can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, lower the temperature, water fountain small water droplets and air molecules collision, can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions, therefore, water features musical fountain is conducive to improving the appearance of the city, improve the physical and mental health of residents.


Fourth, the principle of Water Fountain.


The principle of water feature fountain is conservation of momentum. From the large radius tube to the small radius tube, the speed changes and rushes in the direction of deviation from the ground. The speed of the large radius is driven by the pump. The velocity in the small radius is the original velocity and momentum conversion velocity. You need to choose a micro-element to calculate the momentum conservation so that you can find a velocity which is the exit velocity followed by a motion. This is the ideal situation. There is no friction or wind.




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