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How does Yunnan music fountain company design music fountain

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I believe most people must have seen music fountains. In many big cities, there are basically music fountains in large squares. Through manual installation and setting, we can spray water and play songs at a certain time. So how do we design a music fountain to make it more beautiful. Now Yunnan music fountain company will tell you about it.


Yunnan music fountain company


1. The form of ejecting is an important part of design. If the ejecting object is a ring, then we should not choose animals when we design it. Because if it’s an animal, we can only spray from the mouth or a certain point of the animal, so the ring is not good-looking. If it’s just a certain point, it will be very stingy.
2. The selection of music, as an important part, must be required. First of all, there must be cheerful music. When we design the fountain, there will be many kinds of design methods. To bring you a harmonious citrus, for people who appreciate, it will also be a kind of enjoyment.
3. The choice of location, we must choose a more spacious place, and then with neon lights, it can arouse the resonance in people’s hearts, bring people a more pleasant feeling.
No matter how designers design, they should conform to people’s aesthetic standards, so that the design is good. Some of the more unique design, may let some people shine, but may not meet the aesthetic of most people.
The above is the Yunnan music fountain company to share with you, I hope to help you.


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