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Music fountain design needs attention

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The fountain is the natural landscape of the modern city, adding color to the city and is the crowning touch of the city. As an ornament, the fountain also makes the city colorful, which has aroused people’s attention and can also improve the city’s style and environment. Many cities have large and small fountains of different forms, the development of contemporary science and technology, the design, manufacture and installation of fountains are constantly developing and perfecting. More and more things need to be understood during the design and installation of the fountain. It is necessary to fully understand the design points so as to avoid mistakes and improve work efficiency.

music fountain

First, you should be familiar with and understand the design drawings, fully understand the installation method of the design drawings, master the site implementation project, have the ability to generally analyze and understand the design drawings, know the design techniques used, understand the design intent, and also carry out The design and construction address survey, to understand the local geographical location or the terrain is allowed to build a fountain, suitable for large-scale fountains, how to choose the design of their own fountain style, etc. to do a detailed understanding. In the construction site, you must have a basic grasp, grasp the conditions that can be used, and remove unnecessary things.

Second, the entire design and installation engineering work, according to the detailed requirements of the project, we must reasonably plan the project budget, pay attention to the choice of the construction party, select the construction company with formal construction qualifications, and prepare for the contract beforehand. The project plan, formulate the fountain engineering specifications, formulate management clauses, and encounter difficulties in some projects, and make detailed planning and safety measures.

Third, we must do a good job in preparation, temporary facilities must do a good job arrangement, fully understand the choice of various materials to be used, the quality of materials, etc., to ensure the quality of construction materials, construction materials outside construction In order to do a good job in registration and acceptance, we must fully understand the progress of the construction, have reasonable procedures, and make good records of material use. Before the construction, we must do a good job of the construction schedule and do a good job of staffing.

Fourth, the construction of the fountain back to the sink

The backwater tank is an important part of the construction. The normal work of the return tank can ensure the normal operation of the fountain. The design of the return tank should be mastered in the design process of the return tank. The design of the return tank should ensure the quality and choose reliable. The material and the pumpability of the return tank are also very important. The water pumping property can effectively check the water calibration point, ensuring that the water can be recycled to the sink to recycle the water resources and effectively protect the water resources.


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