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Guangdong Dongguan Yinxian Villa fountain project

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In this design, the designer is unique, embellished with water curtain fountain and music fountain under the glass bridge, according to the light show music, the use of lighting changes and water type combination, spraying out graphics that can create different visual effects, up to more than a hundred kinds of variation effects.

The project incorporates the domestic advanced light, shadow and sound equipment, and the glass bridge of Hidden Xian Villa uses waterproof beam lights and strip dye lights mainly, the beam lights on the bridge are shaped like a fan, focus, a bright and dark, running lights, rich color conversion, prisms and other elements, with separate dyeing effects, color separation, coupled with the characteristics of the mountains on both sides of the glass bridge, embellished with PAR lights, in the moonlight on the shore of Hidden Xian Lake is even more misty, so that Visitors are like entering a fairyland.

Project name: Guangdong Dongguan Yinxian Villa fountain project
City: Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
Contractor: Jia Yue fountain


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