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How to choose a fountain company

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We can always see fountains in places with large traffic in squares, parks, etc. Some companies or villas also install fountains. The style of the fountain is varied and has different characteristics. What should we pay attention to when choosing a fountain? Let us answer for everyone. The following is an introduction to the introduction of the fountain company’s characteristics of the fountain and the method of selecting the fountain company.Fountain Square design Center

Fountain Square design Center

With the development of the times and the improvement of the level of science and technology, the water fountain equipment of the city has been very advanced. Various program-controlled fountains, musical fountains and laser fountains have emerged in an endless stream. The scale can be large or small, the range can be high or low, the water sprayed out, the big ones are like beads, the thin ones are like fog, the change is thousands, and it is fascinating.


The fountain turns the still water into moving water, so that the water also has a soul, supplemented by various lighting effects, so that the water body has a colorful form, which can cushion and soften the “solidified building” and the hard ground of the city. Increase the vitality of the urban environment, beneficial and physical and mental health and meet the needs of visual arts.



The artificial dynamic fountains in large urban squares are mostly from various natural water states, such as waterfalls, stacked water, water curtains, overflows, streams, wall springs, etc. With the development of science and technology, various fountains are really refurbished. In an endless stream, it has almost reached the level of people’s desire to create a variety of crystal clear, beautiful and dynamic water features.


In the modern era, the fountain has formed a unique human landscape. In recent years, with the development of urban modernization, time-controlled fountains, color-activated fountains, movable fountains and microcomputer-controlled musical fountains have been built in the city square. Fountain water features: nozzles, piping systems, swing machines, water pumps, underwater lights, cable lines, gate valves, check valves, solenoid valves, control cabinets (controllers), audio equipment.


1. Conventional nozzle: Direct nozzle: universal direct (DC) nozzle, rainbow (watergate) nozzle, current collecting nozzle on the head: three-layer flower nozzle, lotus nozzle, nozzle, peacock opening nozzle, water film nozzle: trumpet nozzle Mushroom nozzle, hemisphere nozzle, fan nozzle aeration nozzle: jade nozzle, spray nozzle, ice tower nozzle, spring nozzle ball nozzle: crystal hemisphere nozzle, crystal ball nozzle rotating nozzle: twist flower nozzle, feng shui nozzle nozzle glass Water column nozzle: glass spring nozzle, glass jump spring nozzle


2. New type nozzles: dimensional digital nozzles, nozzles, mine nozzles, hundreds of variable nozzles, ultra-high-range nozzles, large-scale water-jet nozzles, water modeling (sculpture) nozzles, etc.


3, each nozzle shows a different water shape, rich in morphological changes.


When customers are looking for a professional music and music fountain company, they often don’t know how to weigh the strength of a music fountain company. I don’t know if the company I choose can provide services according to my own needs. Now let us summarize some good things. The method is to select a trustworthy music and music fountain company manufacturing company.


1. Choose a company with an independent music fountain company planning team: Is a music fountain company professional, depending on whether he has an independent planning team, the soul of the entire music fountain company lies in planning, a good plan is to be able to The surrounding environment and the local human geography can be blended together. This team usually includes a music planner, a three-dimensional animator, a music fountain company plane role planner, a drainage engineer, and many other professionals who complete a musical fountain. Made by the company.



2, also have an independent music fountain company construction team: many small companies are only planning, after the completion of the plan, the construction process is handed over to the outsourcing company, this is an irresponsible approach, the outsourcing company looking for it, can not To ensure the role of the music fountain company and the quality of the project, there will be problems afterwards, and no person in charge can be found.


3. After-sales service team: During the guarantee period, the music fountain company equipment will be regularly maintained and repaired to ensure the normal operation of the music fountain company and extend the service life of the music fountain company.


4. A company with a rich experience: The work experience largely represents the strength of a company, and it can also check past work experience, and whether their style fits the needs of the company.


5. Grade qualification in the music fountain company industry: The book issued by the committee in the China Building Metal Structure Association is the grade that can be used to weigh their strength.


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