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Landscape mist

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Artificial fog system – It comes from purified water after equipment treatment. It sprays very fine water particles through high pressure system and floats in the air, forming a concentration similar to natural fog. It can satisfy modern people’s desire of experiencing and returning to nature.
The natural fog produced by artificial fog can be controlled at will according to the desired effect of design and the requirements of practical application. It is widely used in architectural gardens and characteristic landscaping.
Artificial fog system embodies the integration of human culture and nature everywhere from the foil of natural beauty, the creation of natural ambiguity, to the special creative design of architectural landscape.
The excellent effect of artificial fog system also shows that it can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions at work. Known as “air vitamin”, it can produce more than 2,000 times negative oxygen ions than ordinary urban air, and can reduce the dust in the air. Therefore, artificial mist can not only beautify the environment, but also purify the air, which is beneficial to people’s health.
Landscape mist used in landscape fountains, sculptures and parks makes everything so soft and vivid that modern urban jungle and nature blend.

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