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Fountain industry is booming, about its real magic

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Fountains, the “waterscape overlord”, gradually come into people’s vision, which benefits from the improvement of people’s living standards. Fountain industry has gradually become a major industry for many landscape architects to consider. Although the fountain industry has gradually come into people’s vision in recent years, the development speed in the industry can not be underestimated. A few years ago, fountains didn’t appear frequently in places where people play. Now, in a word of no exaggeration, there may be a fountain in any place where conditions permit.



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Fountain industry has a huge development space. For this industry with a huge development prospect, there are several aspects worthy of attention and observation. First, the design of the fountain nozzle. Second, the matching of fountain type and surrounding environment. Third, whether the cost of the fountain meets the local conditions. And these are the real magic places of the fountain. The small aspects contain great wisdom and painstaking efforts of craftsmen. Let’s take a look at one of Magic: technology, two of Magic: ingenuity.

1 fountain, beautiful is water flow, flowing is technology

The continuous flow of water, with unique technology, conquers other water landscapes and beautiful water landscapes are not only the flow of water displayed by unique artistic effects, but also with professional technical settings, so as to display an amazing beauty of art flow.

First of all, the sprinkler manufacturer. The type and quality of sprinkler head has become a major limiting factor for the development of domestic fountain industry. The beautiful body posture and smooth water flow line of the fountain depend on the type and quality of the nozzle, which is directly related to the visual effect of the audience. The quality of sprayers produced by the same domestic manufacturer may vary greatly, let alone the sprayers produced by different manufacturers.

Secondly, the water quality of the fountain. Don’t look at a small fountain, the water quality should not be low. If the landscape fountain, the water quality is too poor, which directly affects the breath experience of tourists.

Finally, the actual effect depends on the study of topography, ground water control system and drainage system. For example, the fountain effect of a small sprinkler depends on whether the small sprinkler matches, whether the service life of the sprinkler, the fluency of the sprinkler and whether the sprinkler matches the local environment are all included in all aspects of technology. Of course, there are efficient, environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions to the drainage of the fountain, which is one of the solutions to be studied in the current fountain industry.

2 fountains, flowing with technology, including painstaking efforts

The layman watches the bustle, the layman watches the doorway. Fountains, flowing with technology, contain the hearts of craftsmen. What is displayed for people is the technology of the person who designed the fountain, the quality of the nozzle selected and the consideration of the overall situation according to local conditions. The fountain design draft, different combination schemes, the choice of sprinkler spray posture, and the final effect drawing all need the professionals to select, design, guide the construction step by step and the art supplement of the professionals to form a beautiful fountain. The implementation of each step includes not only the technical guidance, professional support, but also the painstaking efforts of the technicians.


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