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Professional fountain design needs to consider factors

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Often the professional fountain design company needs a comprehensive consideration in the fountain design in the early stage of the fountain design. The fountain landscape is mainly divided into two categories. One is a natural fountain, which is made according to local conditions and is made of natural waterscape. The second is the artificial fountain, that is, artificial landscaping. The fountain can create a beautiful landscape, which is very ornamental. It is often the center of focus, attracting more visitors to enjoy it. In addition, it can also moisten the air and reduce the temperature, which is beneficial to improve the city. . The landscaping effect of the fountain is the first thing to consider when designing the fountain. This is undoubted and must be targeted.
Following the design of the fountain, it is mainly planned from the following three aspects.
The first is to do a good job in the early stage of planning, to investigate the location of the fountain construction, and to combine the local historical and cultural background, economic development, natural climate conditions, and rational design. The different locations of the fountains are different. The choice of water type and lighting is different. For example, in pedestrian streets, community gardens, etc., you should choose a shape that can be controlled by water points, such as Yongquan, Shuimu and so on.
The second is to show the effect, that is, the theme, for example, the grassland culture should be reflected in Inner Mongolia. The theme color should be blue and green, symbolizing the blue sky and the endless grassland. At the same time, combining the national music, the effect naturally comes out. . The fountain is a combination of audiovisual effects. Music also has life. It perfectly combines music and water, and the theme is more able to capture the audience. It can also highlight the protagonist from the water level, light intensity, color setting and other means to weaken the supporting angle and make the whole fountain look more three-dimensional. For example, the Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda Fountain combines a musical fountain with ancient architecture to match the famous Big Wild Goose Pagoda music fountain in China.
The third is the specific construction aspect, the theory is good, and it needs to be tested. In the aspects of fountain equipment selection, electrical pipeline design and installation, water type selection and matching, control system determination, etc., it is necessary to combine with the actual situation and consider the geographical area. Problems, know how to work around, and avoid causing trouble for later work.
The optimization of the fountain design can be operated from many details, such as style, lighting, etc., but it must conform to the design concept and meet the requirements and needs of the city and the landscape. In the optimization process, we must also pay attention to avoid the following situations: from the actual, too exaggerated; unreasonable layout; one-sided pursuit of results; grasp the overall situation, comprehensive consideration of all aspects, make the best use of their performance, show their expectations The effect, this is the completion of a real fountain design.


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