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Control of Water quantity, time and pattern change of Fountain injection

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In view of the great influence of fountain nozzle design on jet water shape, it is very important to understand the principle of fountain injection water quantity, time control and change control of spray pattern.

There are three main ways to control the water quantity of fountain, the control of injection time and the change of spray pattern.

Hand valve control: the most common and simple control mode, the installation of manual control valve on the fountain water supply pipe, used to adjust the pressure and flow rate of water in each pipe section, to form a fixed water spray water.

Relay control:the time relay is usually used to control the opening and closing of the water pump, solenoid valve, color lamp, etc. according to the design time program, so as to realize the sprinkler posture that can be changed automatically.

Sound control: The sound-controlled fountain is a self-controlled fountain that uses the body sound to control the change of the water-spraying water shape of the fountain. The sound control fountain is characterized in that the sound signal is changed into an electric signal, the relay or the electronic switch thereof is pushed through the amplification and other processing, and the opening and closing of the electromagnetic valve arranged on the water path is controlled, so that the on-off of the water flow of the nozzle is controlled. In this way, with the change of the sound, people can see the change of the water spray size, the height and the shape.

In the dynamic waterscape, the fountain is a more common form of expression, all kinds of waterscape fountains show different water shapes, different water shapes need to choose different fountain sprinklers, and should be considered in the fountain design. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in waterscape to generate water shapes in different shapes. The biggest requirement of water landscape engineering for sprinkler is beautiful water shape, smooth and stable jet.

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