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How to avoid the noise when the water pump of fountain equipment works?

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A fountain is a combination of water or other liquid that has a specific shape sprayed through a nozzle under a certain pressure. A water pump is generally used to provide water pressure. For various reasons, such as the eddy current generated when the water flow is propelled during work, the cavitation will inevitably generate vibration; the pump equipment inlet pipe, the impeller, the pump has debris and resonance phenomenon, etc. How to solve the noise and vibration caused by the water pump of fountain equipment, some factors are unavoidable, but some of them can be avoided.
First, after working for a period of time, the water pump equipment should be overhauled, and some aging equipment should be replaced in time. This is because the water pump equipment of the fountain equipment is worn and aged due to a longer use time: the impeller is loose; the bearing is damaged or the bearing clearance is large, and it is easy to produce resonance phenomenon.
Second, when choosing the pump equipment, we must choose good manufacturing technology. If the manufacturing technology is not good enough, such as unbalanced rotor, non-concentric pump and motor shaft of fountain equipment, collision or friction between rotor and stator, these are the sources of resonance phenomenon. Therefore, we must strictly check the manufacturing technology and choose the pump design of fountain equipment with passed manufacturing technology.
The two solutions introduced by the fountain company above are from some factors that can be avoided. However, there are many factors that can produce resonance that cannot be avoided. This requires us to actively explore and find out more methods in addition to strengthening the manufacturing process of the water pump itself of the fountain equipment and reducing the vibration amplitude. Beijing Sino-horizon Technology Development Co.,Ltd. is an innovative high-tech enterprise with water as the core of the industry. It has been committed to the dissemination of water culture. The company’s business projects involve the design and construction of stage water show, theatre water show, music fountain, digital water curtain, laser performance, water mist screen projection, fire springs, fireworks and other technical projects.