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The fountain company tells you what the fountain nozzle should have

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There are many types of fountains, including simple, comprehensive, and square fountains. The most basic component is the nozzle. The quality and performance of the fountain nozzle directly affects the cost, energy consumption and aesthetics of the entire fountain. Under the condition that the waterscape of the fountain does not change, the use of good nozzles can save energy consumption by 40% or more.

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The indicator of the fountain nozzle is the performance of its quality. Before leaving the factory, it must go through many dumb tests. However, some manufacturers cut corners and lead to serious quality problems, causing huge losses to users. Take the above Bund construction as an example. A fountain had to be demolished and rebuilt because of the nozzles, which cost millions.

A good nozzle can also play a role in energy saving. According to statistics, an increase in the height of the water column by 20 cm will increase the energy demand by as much as two times. A good nozzle makes better use of pressure. Under the same pressure, a good nozzle can spray The column of water coming out is higher.

A good sprinkler should be able to withstand the polishing of time. The sprinkler is originally glossy and beautiful, but the fountain is generally exposed to the external environment, and the water environment is prone to rust and corrosion, which affects the overall appearance of the fountain. However, a high-quality fountain can at least guarantee that the above situation will not occur within a year.

All in all, for the fountain, the nozzle is a very important part of it, and you must pay attention to it when building the fountain.


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