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Matching Skills of Stone Fountain

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1. Relief fountain:
That is to say, the stone surface is carved with a three-dimensional image, which is a semi-three-dimensional sculpture. The relief fountain is called relief fountain because the image relieves on the stone surface. According to the different depths of stone surface, it can be divided into shallow relief fountain and high relief fountain. Shallow relief fountain is a single-level statue, the content is relatively single, not hollow out. High relief fountain is a multi-level statue, the content is more complex, more adopt carved fountain hollow out, more attractive. The relief fountains are mostly used for wall decoration of buildings, as well as dragon pillars and drums of temples. The imperial road of Beijing Palace Museum is a relief fountain.
2. Sculpture Fountain:
It is a three-dimensional quasi-plastic art that exists as a single body. Each surface of stone is required to be processed. The craft is characterized by hollow-out technique and fine cutting axe. There are many kinds of such sculptures, most of them are single stone sculptures, and some of them are made up of many pieces of stone. In recent years, these sculptures have developed many kinds of micro-products, some of which are small like pits, some of which are as thin as cicada wings, and they are also skillful, so they are called “micro-sculptures”. This kind of product has completely separated from the architectural utility and become a pure handicraft. Because of its compactness and ease of carrying, it is a souvenir treasure and has a good development prospect.
3. Immersed Fountain:
Also known as “line carving”, that is, the use of “water grinding sunken flowers” carving method of works of art. This kind of sculpture absorbs traditional brushwork such as Chinese painting and meaning, overlapping, scattered lines, etc. After polishing the stone surface, it traces the pattern and characters, then carves the lines according to the graph, uses the shadows to reflect the three-dimensional sense. Most of these products are used to decorate the exterior surface of buildings and have strong artistry.
4. Shadow Fountain:
New process products developed on the basis of needle black-and-white technology in early years. The earliest works were not created by Hui’an artists in the 1960s. They are called “shadow sculpture fountain” because they are based on photographs. This kind of sculpture is made of jade crystal lake bluestone cut and sawn into flat plates. First, it polishes the surface, uses its chiseling ability to show white dots, and cuts out small dots of different sizes, shades and densities with pointed tools. It can only be divided into different levels of black and white, so that the image can be displayed. It is not only exquisite and lifelike, but also unique and charming. It is a stone sculpture. The development of fountain to pure art opens up a new way for the production of stone fountain technology.
5. Engraving fountain:
Carving fountain is a kind of sculpture form, also known as carving hollow, that is, to empty the part of the stone that does not show the image, leaving the part that can show the image. Carving fountain is a technique developed in the round carving fountain. It is a carving technique of Shoushan stone carving fountain representing the three-dimensional spatial level of objects. It is developed from the traditional Chinese stone fountain craftsmanship. Ancient masons often carved dragons with stone balls. The dragon beads are peeled off from the original stone, larger than the Dragon mouth, and roll in the dragon mouth without sliding out. This kind of “pearl” in the Dragon button stone stamp is the simplest hollow-out carving.
6. Deep-carved fountain:
In relief fountain works, retaining the protruding portrait part and hollowing out the back part is called through-carving fountain. The similarities and differences between carved fountain, carved fountain and chain carved fountain are that they all have penetration, but the back of carved fountain is mostly represented by screen insertion, which can be divided into single-sided carved fountain and double-sided carved fountain. One-sided carved fountain carves only the front, while the two-sided carved fountain carves both the front and the back. Whether one-sided or two-sided carved fountains, they are essentially different from carved fountains and chain carvings, that is, carved fountains and chain carvings are 360 degrees of all-round carvings, not both positive and negative. Therefore, engraving fountain and chain sculpture belong to the round sculpture fountain technique, while carving through fountain is the extension of relief fountain technique.


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