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Brand Fountain Manufacturer how to do a good job of music fountain

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Large musical fountain as a beautiful landscape, more and more appear in people’s view, enriching the city’s commercial life culture. Large musical fountain is how to design? First, we need to prepare for the design of the musical fountain. Brand Fountain Manufacturer in the design process of the music fountain program, there is a basic principle throughout: combined with the city’s historical and cultural background, economic development and natural climatic conditions, fully reflect the unique artistic charm of the fountain landscape.


Brand Fountain Manufacturer


To design a good effect of the large musical fountain is needed, mainly including the following aspects.


(1) the theme of large musical fountain design program should be combined with the local cultural characteristics. Each city has its own cultural background and folkloric characteristics. In the design of the fountain program, must be combined with the local folk characteristics, to explore the local historical background, and closely combined with the local cultural connotations. Combined with the composition of the musical fountain elements to highlight the theme.


(2) understand the environmental features around the fountain, the fountain landscape and the surrounding environment into one.


Music fountain distribution in different locations, with different water type, lighting with and sound configuration. In pedestrian streets, community gardens and other occasions, try to choose a relatively low height, falling water point controllable shape, such as jellyfish, cedar, spring, dandelion, etc.. For projects that require water interaction, the water pressure factor must be fully considered to prevent the risk of personal injury due to excessive water pressure and accidents. Fountain landscape built in rivers and lakes, as far from the audience, Brand Fountain Manufacturer should try to choose some thick, tall water style, reflecting the power and momentum of water. For example, a hundred meters high spray, Optimus Prime, etc. Understand the local climate and environmental factors.


(3) according to the overall requirements of the landscape project, the development of practical design solutions.


Different types of musical fountains correspond to different functions, Brand Fountain Manufacturer such as fountains into fountain vignettes or as a comprehensive performance feast of musical fountains; is all-weather or mainly for the night; in the early stages of musical fountain design must have a clear opinion.





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