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Fountain company should be how fountain optimization design

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Fountain company has become a city scene and visit the site of the necessary artificial or natural classic, from the classification of fountain company is divided into natural fountain company and artificial fountain company, the role it achieves is to improve the image of the site, the adoption of the perfect finishing touches to make the site the most perfect in front of the eyes of tourists. Such as natural fountain company’s decoration, especially in the waterfall, wall spring and other natural scenery on the optimization, to make the scene better attract tourists. Such as artificial fountain company, combined with the actual situation of the site, targeted planning to fit the central competitiveness of the site artificial fountain company scenery, so that the site better attract tourists. From the point of view of environmental optimization, the city adopted the site planning can use water fog to add humidity in the air, optimize the overall urban air environment, especially in Hangzhou to adopt the city fountain company scenery and attractions fountain company combination of methods, useful to reduce the particulate matter in the air.

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Fountain company planning, to meet the requirements of the city, scenery, but also to meet the needs of travelers. From the point of view of optimizing the fountain company planning to consider, there are three primary aspects.

The first is to do a good job of pre-planning, through the city or attractions need to reach the role of the fountain company as a footing, analysis of the flow of people, the fountain company needs to cover an area of land, the need to cooperate with the lights, music and other ancillary needs, which are required in the planning of the fountain company before the plan to prove and plan feasibility study, so that the fountain company to build the cost, role, time to reach the most optimal, together can be beneficial to the late Fountain company maintenance protection repair operations.

The second to plan the fountain company role, the fountain company planning is primarily to add the city scenery and scenic spots to the appreciation of the scenery, China’s planning is more fruitful fountain company has a lot, such as Xi’an Big Wild Goose Pagoda fountain company, the adoption of music fountain company and ancient architecture to each other in the form of the use of music cooperation soundtrack, the deployment of China’s well-known Big Wild Goose Pagoda music fountain company. This is seen in the fountain company planning, to consider the role of the need to express, is for the ancient architecture, natural scenery or park scenery for planning, to choose what light role, to use what music for deployment, these are the needs of the overall planning and coordination.

Third to do a good job of detailed construction, in the construction phase to be based on the location of different fountain company nozzle and regional planning, taking into account the water, into the water, sound, fountain company spring activity shape, the entire fountain company construction of empirical evidence, only in the construction of the most optimal grasp of the fountain company planning requirements and construction requirements.


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