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Fountain company to introduce you to the fountain equipment

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Fountain equipment is sprayed from underground to the surface of the spring; refers specifically to artificial water spray equipment. Fountain is a kind of water or other liquids through a certain pressure through the nozzle sprayed out with a specific shape of the combination, providing water pressure for the pump in general. Fountain landscape in general can be divided into two categories, one is appropriate to the site, according to the topography of the structure, imitating natural water features made, the second is entirely dependent on fountain equipment artificial scenery. Fountain is constructed by artificially shaped or natural spring pool, to spray beautiful water posture, for people to enjoy the water features. Fountain is an important landscape, it is a water art, reflecting the combination of movement, static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people the enjoyment of beauty.

Fountain equipment

Fountain landscape in how to choose the right fountain equipment, this is a very technical nature of the work, the need for continuous accumulation of experience, the need for more personnel combination, for example: the motor control part of this is the core of the fountain water features, but also the most technical content of the part, the car is the pipeline welding, etc. need a very good master electrician.


If the existing pump type can not satisfy the fountain equipment depicted flow and depicted head demand, can be used in series, parallel and variable speed method of processing.

Fountain pump selection is necessary to meet the fountain equipment depiction needs, including the fountain system depiction flow requirements and depiction head needs, as long as these needs, to complete the depiction of the role.
The selected pump, its flow and head should be with the fountain equipment depicted flow and head depicted in common, and when the operating point changes, the pump has been in the high efficiency scale of operation, without the onset of cavitation or overload the power machine.
The size of the pump and the number of units are constrained by each other. Pump selection is large, the efficiency is high, the number of units installed less, equipment, civil construction and handling costs can be reduced accordingly; however, the number of units and can not be too small, or a pump failure, the impact on the whole system is great. Usually the installation of 2 to 4 is appropriate. When the system depicts the flow is small, can also be set up only 1 pump, but should be equipped with a satisfactory number of wearing parts. Sprinkler pumping station usually does not set up a backup pump.



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