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Water curtain film combined with landscape fountain construction

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Movies, we are no strangers. After the stereoscopic movies and panoramic movies, the most lively and most refreshing thing in today’s film industry is the laser water curtain movie. The water curtain film is a multimedia technology with super-stereo effect. It is a laser film projected on a special large-scale water curtain. The content is new and exciting, the laser is unpredictable, and the novel and elegant artistic concept is indeed fascinating. People are rushing to sneak a sneak peek at it and see what the laser water curtain movie is all about. Therefore, the playground of the laser water curtain movie is full of scenes. Laser water curtain movies have been set up in many large amusement parks in China.

water curtain movies

In every developed country in the world, water curtain movies are the symbol of the city center. The musical fountain next to the Burj Khalifa has become a new artistic sanctuary in Dubai with a stunning height. On the Marina Bay in Singapore, the beautiful water curtain movie nights attract countless tourists from home and abroad. Disney’s latest masterpiece, “Color World,” uses people, light, and water to create a fairytale world of magic. There are also world-famous water curtain images such as Wynn Macau and Las Vegas, which reflect the unparalleled era of light and shadow in the world’s first-class cities.

water curtain movies

The water curtain film uses water as a medium to spray water from the bottom to the top through a high-pressure water pump and a special nozzle to atomize the water to form a fan-shaped “screen”. The film is imaged on the atomized screen. . When watching the movie, the fan-shaped water curtain blends with the natural night sky. When the characters enter and exit the picture, it seems that the characters are flying up to the sky or falling from the sky, creating a feeling of emptiness and dreaminess.

Water curtain movies are generally built in places with water sources, such as rivers, lakes, rivers or artificial large pools and drylands. With the construction of surrounding landscape fountains, the water curtain film will surely become the best attraction for large amusement parks and resorts.


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