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Fountain design is the crowning touch in garden landscape

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Fountain Company Fountain Design and Installation—The fountain waterscape has always been the crowning touch in the garden landscape. It is not only a unique art, it makes the city more beautiful, it can also greatly increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air, increase the humidity of the air in the local space, reduce dust, and effectively improve the environment and appearance of the city. Therefore, the landscape fountain is constantly developing in technology and art. This requires us to grasp the precautions of fountain design and installation, as well as the design and installation points of the fountain, so as to improve efficiency, avoid mistakes, and create the most distinctive garden landscape. fountain.


1. The nozzle spray angle must be preset before installation. The nozzles with adjustable fan-shaped spray angles are mostly set at 180 degrees from the factory. Therefore, the nozzles should be adjusted to the required angle according to the requirements of the actual terrain for the fan-shaped spray angle before installation. In addition, some nozzles such as Rain Bird R-50 should also set the filter inlet to match the nozzle number.
2. Select the nozzle according to the design. Select the appropriate nozzle according to the design requirements of the sprinkler system to ensure the desired flow rate and design radius.
3. Pay attention to the top of the nozzle and the ground level during the installation process. This requires that the top of the nozzle should be lower than the loose ground when installing the nozzle, leaving room for future ground settlement, or installing the nozzle when the lawn floor is no longer settled.
4. Preferably, the nozzle and the branch pipe are connected by an articulated joint or a flexible joint, which can effectively prevent the damage of the pipe nozzle caused by mechanical impact such as lawnmower operation or human activity. At the same time, the use of hinged joints also facilitates the adjustment of the installation height of the nozzle during construction. In some public areas, in order to prevent vandalism, some users choose to install anti-theft joints, such as the rain-proof PVRA sprinkler special anti-theft joint, and install it at the nozzle inlet.


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