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Laser show features

Publish Time:2019/03/18 News Number of views:819

The laser show uses a laser as a light source. Under the control of a computer, the laser beam is split, diverted, diverged, and scanned by an optical device such as a prism, a rotating mirror, a diffraction grating, and an optical path scanner. After scanning, the light color is displayed on the water curtain. Pure, energy-concentrated patterns, text or animation.

There are two ways to perform lasers: laser show and laser effects.

The laser show is based on lasers, supplemented by lights, fireworks, water features, music and more. The table shows the special effects of the laser and highlights the water features.

In the design of the laser show, people must solve the problems of people’s visual sensitivity, contrast, brightness, persistence of vision, flicker, etc., so that the laser show can get the best results.


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