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Brand fountain design company is how to design the music fountain

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  1. In the design and construction of musical fountains, we will encounter some on-site problems. Brand fountain design company are how to design it? Each fountain is built in a different location, so the problems that may arise are different. But to avoid problems, the method is roughly the same.

Brand fountain design company

  1. musical fountain pool bottom and the use of the pool wall should be based on the specific circumstances. After mechanical calculations, special designs can be made. Fountain pool wall waterproof layer material and pool bottom waterproof layer material should be selected with a good waterproof effect of curly material. The location of the pump pit and the location of the pipeline should be close to the power and water source. In the winter icing areas, a variety of pool bottom and wall practices are required in the winter to consider the drainage of the pool. Therefore, the fountain pool drainage facilities must be easy to manually control.


  1. the fountain relies entirely on fountain equipment to water. The control of the water column is a key aspect. Brand fountain design company use different methods to combine. There will be a variety of variations. Fountains are arranged indoors, the range of water flow will not be too large. The sprinklers use a mixture of film, water mist and aeration with lighting effect control devices. It makes it colorful and enhances the atmosphere of the courtyard.



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