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Music fountain installation points steps

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Fountains should not be unfamiliar to everyone, many parks and squares will be built fountains. Fountain not only beautiful but also can enhance the overall pattern of the building. So we usually have paid attention to how the fountain is installed? Today I will talk to you about the fountain installation related topics. Do you know what are the important steps in the installation of musical fountains? The following on the “music fountain installation points steps” of the introduction.

installation of musical fountains

Musical fountain they follow the rhythm of the music, change into different forms. If at night, with the colorful lights, more glorious, then the musical fountain installation is how? Music fountain manufacturers to answer for you one by one.

1. Music signal acquisition function, according to the frequency characteristics of the extraction of effective components.

2. Direct control of the music fountain, direct drive pump, inverter or server.

3. fault diagnosis of the fountain equipment, you can diagnose the operating status of the host, leakage and drive cabinet work status.

4. Open structure, friendly human-machine interface, communication interface and programming open to the user, only two keys through the mouse to complete the music fountain with the song, so that it is easy to make the music fountain with the song library is constantly enriched, always give people a new feeling.

5. Chinese menu-based operating system, so that the operator can learn to operate in a short time, with a variety of music fountain dynamic shape and pattern change display function, so that the operator through the computer screen can observe the fountain of various changes, greatly facilitate the music fountain song and operator use.


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