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Fountain manufacturers install key processes and fountains for your popular science music fountain

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Everyone should be familiar with fountains. Many park squares will build fountains. The fountain is not only beautiful but also enhances the overall layout of the building. Have you ever noticed how the fountain is installed? Today, the fountain manufacturer I will talk to you about fountain installation related topics. Everyone knows what are the important steps when installing a musical fountain? The following is an introduction about the “musical fountain installation key process description and installation calculation knowledge science”.

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[Key steps for installation of musical fountain]

Music fountains follow the rhythm of music and change into different forms. If at night, with the colorful lights, it looks even more dazzling, then how is the musical fountain installed? Music fountain manufacturers answer everybody one by one.

1. Music signal collection function, extract effective components according to frequency characteristics.

2. Direct control of the music fountain, direct drive pump, frequency converter or server.

3. Diagnose the fault of the fountain equipment, and can diagnose the operating status of the host, the leakage and the working status of the drive cabinet.

4. Open structure, friendly man-machine interface, communication interface and programming open to users, only need two keys of the mouse to complete the music fountain music, so it is easy to make the music fountain music library constantly enriched, always give A refreshing feeling.

5. The Chinese menu-style operating system enables the operator to learn to operate in a short time. It has various dynamic shapes and pattern change display functions of the musical fountain, so that the operator can observe the various changes of the fountain through the computer screen. The ground is convenient for music fountain composing and operating personnel.

[Introduction of related calculation content during fountain installation]

At the end of the 1980s, a brand-new colorful musical fountain began to appear in the exhibition center square and the Chinese Folk Culture Village. So far, under the premise of energy-saving and green environmental protection, combined with the transformation of urban water systems, natural or artificial rivers and lakes The remediation type water body is the container, and the fixed, floating, and lifting multimedia waterscape fountains in the water are constructed with the fountain installation platform as the carrier.

As the installation platform of the carrier, it bears the impact of typhoons and floods and the reaction force of the fountain, and is moored or anchored by traction piles. Therefore, the calculation of impact force and receding force, the structural design and strength check of traction piles are the core of the installation platform design. The following is a summary of basic calculation and verification methods based on engineering practice and related documents, and shared with you.

1. The impact of wind or water

According to the calculation formula of hydrodynamic resistance, the calculation formula of the impact force of wind resistance and flood flow on the platform is:

2. The impact of wind and waves

For accelerating ascent, the standard is to take acceleration of 2.5m/s2, which is 1/4 of the acceleration of gravity. According to the total weight of the platform plus the fountain equipment installed, the acceleration force is about 1/4 of the total weight, which is more than the impact of flood water. Little force.

3. The force on the flood, peak flow and flow velocity can be calculated according to the elevation of the hydrological outsourcing line during the flood, combined with the cross-sectional area of ​​the water, and the flow velocity can be calculated according to formula 1-1.

4. When a specific situation occurs, the additional impact force can be borne by the actual pile foundation force safety factor margin. Generally, the force of the platform can be calculated by the flood current impact force.

The above introduction of “Key steps of musical fountain installation” and “Introduction of related calculation content during fountain installation” is hoped to help you understand the “Key steps of musical fountain installation and installation calculation knowledge science”.


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