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How much do you know about the diversity of fountains

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Fountains can bring us fresh air, beautify the environment, show the style of the times, carry forward the national spirit and enlighten our life. They are not only an important part of beautifying the environment and urban construction, but also a good fountain is the coordinate of a city, the image representative of a city’s development, which plays a positive role in many aspects, such as foil the cultural atmosphere.

Music fountain

Fountain is a moving painting, a poem combining water type with music, an elegant art combining modern concept, traditional spirit, advanced culture, sound, light, electricity and beauty with modern technology

  1. Music fountain

Poetry combining water form and music

Modern concept, traditional spirit, advanced culture, elegant art integrating sound, light, electricity and beauty with modern technology

design principle

Music fountain is a computer multimedia control system that decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals and outputs the signals to the control system, so as to keep the changes of the shape and light of the fountain synchronized with the music, so as to achieve the perfect combination of the changes of the water type, light and color of the fountain and the music mood.


  1. Dry spray landscape

The spring is silent and flowing

People and water play and dance together, and the interaction between fountains and people.

design principle

The pool is built below the ground, and the equipment is hidden; that is, the sprinkler, water pump, color lamp and other equipment are placed in the pool under the ground, when spraying water, the water column will be sprayed through the granite pavement hole or the ground grate; when not spraying water, the ground can walk as usual, without blocking the traffic.

  1. Water spray landscape

Static as water, moving as mirage

When it’s quiet, the breeze is shining,

When you leap, the color is like a mirage.

design principle

According to the requirements of environment and landscape design, build different ground water pools, place water pumps and other equipment, and spray different types of water out of the water. When there is no water spray, the quiet water surface is sparkling under the breeze, forming a special artistic conception.

  1. Superelevation fountain

one pillar to prop up the sky

Break through the water, like a dragon out to sea.

design principle

The fountain with a spray height of more than 100 meters is designed and processed by precise calculation to control the water flow and velocity. The sprinkler pump is also often called the 100 meter fountain, which is magnificent and magnificent.

  1. Floating fountain

Hidden in the city, now in the king.

It’s a spectacle.

design principle

The floating platform can be divided into fixed floating platform and automatic lifting platform, which can sink under the water without water spraying and surpass the water surface in time. It is suitable for a wide variety of artificial lakes, rivers, lakes, seas and other natural landscapes.

  1. Program controlled fountain

The color is rich and varied.

High reliability and superior performance.

design principle

According to the pre edited program, change the fountain of water spray shape and light color. Generally, the program can be modified at any time, and can also store a variety of programs, which can be called at will.

  1. Water screen film

Open air cinema, unpredictable.

360 degree circular three-dimensional, can be seen from a distance, can also be seen near.

design principle

Water curtain film is mainly composed of water curtain generator and projector (projector). The water curtain is more than 20 meters high and 30-50 meters wide. All kinds of VCD discs or water curtain special films can be played on the water curtain. The film and television effect is unique, novel and excellent advertising tools. Water curtain films can be installed in all kinds of squares and open water.

  1. Running fountain

Or mountains and seas, or gentle ups and downs

Magnificent and changeable design principle

The combination of digital control valve and computer control is an important part of music fountain. A plurality of spray heads arranged in a line control the water spray in accordance with the order, forming a fountain with instantaneous changes in various forms of water spray.


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