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Music fountain greatly improves environmental quality

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When the music fountain starts, it can generate a lot of negative air ions. It has a good soothing effect on the nervous system of the human body. Being in it makes people feel comfortable and refreshed. Because air negative ions can promote the synthesis of hemoglobin in the blood and improve the ventilation function of the lungs, it has a good therapeutic effect on people with hypertension. At the same time, inhaling sufficient air negative ions can help people improve sleep quality and enhance appetite. By studying the changing law of air negative ions produced by musical fountains, we can help people to correctly understand the role of musical fountains in optimizing environmental quality and improving microclimate, and help designers to more scientifically and rationally explore the value of musical fountain resources.



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Various instruments we use have shown through experiments that the air negative ions next to the music fountain are much higher than the scenic area. The presence of musical fountains greatly improves the surrounding environmental quality and microclimate, lowers the ground temperature, which is conducive to improving people’s living environment and reducing the incidence of respiratory diseases.


In addition to the impact on the negative ion content of the air, the music fountain can also decorate the surrounding environment. The music fountain can form a spectacular sound effect landscape, which is more beautiful with the music, and can form various shapes. Appreciate the theme. The application of modern circulation system in the music fountain can make the water agile and avoid the formation of stagnant water and stinky water, which can effectively save water resources and strengthen waste water utilization.