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One of the key points of music fountain design: reliability

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In the design and selection of fountain water type, not only the aesthetic feeling of performing music, but also the effect of waterscape should be considered, so the setting of control has different functions.


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1、 Manual control:

During the intermission of music performance in the daytime or at night, click the mouse to open some water forms independently, forming a fixed combination of shapes. Save electricity, usually most commonly used.

2、 Program control:

If you want to have different combination modeling changes, you can turn on the degree function to make the water type change according to the set procedure, and different modeling will appear, making people feel the beauty of different scenery.

3、 Real time voice control:

At present, the majority of Fountain Companies in China generally adopt a control mode, which is characterized by being able to respond to any sound source signal, playing karaoke live, etc., but this control mode has some disadvantages.

First of all, the water movement lags behind the music, making people feel that the fountain movement does not coordinate with the music.

Secondly, the combination and time of water type are fixed and repeated, regardless of any repertoire. For example, if the musical symbols are passionate, the water may swing, and when the melody is gentle, there will be a tall water body, which makes people’s auditory and visual feelings inconsistent.

Third, the emotional paragraphs of the music are inconsistent with the time of water type change, and they are the same.

4、 Pre preparation control mode:

According to the emotion and artistic conception of a piece of music, the fountain company manually compiles the opening and closing of various water types, actions, lights and pumps, so that the performance of the fountain is consistent with the emotion and artistic conception of the music. This function has certain comprehensive difficulty in control technology, computer technology and communication technology.


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