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Fountain Company Introduces Laminar Fountain for You

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Laminar fountain (Bright fountain, Jumping fountain), invented in the 1980s, is a new achievement in modern fluid mechanics. It has become a new, strange and special water type in artificial fountain and is widely used. Its structure, principle and technical problems are worth discussing.

Laminar fountain
The outlet flow velocity of laminar fountain is low, and the fluid particles move in an orderly linear manner, and they do not mix with each other. The Reynolds number Re of the flow pattern is in the range of 2320-13800. 2320 is the lower critical point; to ensure laminar flow, it is necessary to control the upper critical value below 13800, which depends on the degree of influence of external disturbance on the flow. The stronger the external disturbance, the greater the upper critical Reynolds number.


Laminar fountain

Laminar fountain can produce very thin uniform water film, forming “bubble spring” and “gemstone spring” and other water forms; supporting lighting, the formation of rainbow tunnel. If equipped with hydraulic, electric or pneumatic cutting mechanism, the continuous glass water column is cut into “water bombs” of different lengths, and various dynamic waterscapes such as “glassy spring” can be formed.


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