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Application of Lighting in Waterscape Design

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Music fountains are becoming more and more popular in people’s lives. Music fountains are modeled as simple and lively fountains with high and low levels, distinct layers, magnificent and changeable momentum.


Bring the changing waterscape to you with different and beautiful feelings. In water type design, the effect of the whole fountain is mainly considered, so that water and light can blend and glow with each other. Creativity, planning, design purpose, high starting point, quasi-positioning, new ideas to establish an image, highlight environmental protection, pay attention to modern environmental design concepts, design level, technology and craft waterscape is the “thing” and concept is the “soul”.

As the theme of night tour, the lighting and music lighting project is widely used in parks, scenic spots, city squares and other places. Adding music rhythm to the changing style of fountain makes the fountain like a soul, and adding lighting show can further enrich the expression of fountain. From lighting, laser lamp, 3D projection effect, LED projection lamp and so on, music fountain waterscape lighting show has become a highlight of city night tour, from visual and auditory aspects. It can give visitors the enjoyment of beauty.

So how can the characteristics of music fountains embellish a night tour brightening project?

1. Constituting the whole rhythm rhythm of the fountain with its fluctuating rhythm and rising rhythm by the various artistic forms which are concealed in reality and in reality.

2. With advanced high-tech waterscape, various combinations of sprinklers and lights, a new bright spot has been added.

3, to create artistic, ecological and harmonious intellectual space, to build a garden city, to create a new world of tourism, leisure, entertainment, self-cultivation, and new space for the whole city.

In the engineering design of lighting and waterscape brightening, the physical waveforms of music files can be divided into several sections by computer programming with a precision of 10 milliseconds. The basic emotional characteristics of music such as shock, lyric, joy, missing, joy, excitement, sadness and warmth can be automatically recognized, and then converted into control signals through sound. The combination of music, laser, water wave and light will give a wonderful performance to make the viewer form a better experience and impression.


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