Pool Design Form of Fountain Equipment
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Pool Design Form of Fountain Equipment

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Irregular, such pools are numerous and numerous. There are many irregular pools of any shape, just to cite a few special examples. Because, according to the local geographical conditions and humanistic requirements at that time, designers arbitrarily design all kinds of water, as long as it is beautiful and generous, it can attract people’s attention.

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The third situation in the pool construction. In addition to the differences in geometric shapes on the plane, fountain equipment pools also have set pools, small pools in the big pool and stacked pools. Like stacked arhats, one layer is higher than the other, with three clouds, four layers and five layers. A four-layer pool is introduced below. See figure 84, which shows the design of fountain pool in Ruilijiang Bridge Square. No matter what kind of fountain pool (as long as it is not a dry fountain), it should be 400-500 mm higher than 0.00 horizon. It is better to prevent all kinds of dirty things from blowing into the pool at the depth of 1000 mm to 1200 mm, and the water depth of 800 mm to 1000 mm is the best. Such a general low-power submersible pump can be installed upright, prolong the life of the submersible pump, easy to maintain. When using high-power or deep well pumps, it is better to build pump pits at the pump installation site.

There is also a temporary removable movable pool in the application of the pool. Since the installation of fountain in Tiananmen Square on October 1, 1985, the movable pool has been used every year. Some small stage fountains also use mobile pools. In Hengshui City of Hebei Province, there are special production pools. Its manufacturing and application materials and processing technology are as follows: The first step is to process Wooden tyres. With wooden boards and square stakes, according to the geometrical shape of the pool design drawings (generally speaking, square or rectangular) and size (long, wide, high as a wooden tire), and then using a special military waterproof cloth, bonded with waterproof glue. Tie the bundled holes on the edge of the pool, and the clay dragon rope with the top weight of about 10mm can be used. Stick drainage pipes to the bottom of the pool, and finally tie the processed canvas pool to a special steel frame.

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When designing a pool, attention should be paid to burying the intake pipe, overflow pipe, drainage pipe and intake pipe to the maximum extent. The less exposed the pool, the better, and the less damage to the beauty of the pool. In addition, the drainage and overflow pipes should be buried in the nearest distance from the sewer, the neck of the intake pipe should be buried in the nearest distance from the water source, and the intake pipe should be buried in the nearest distance from the control room, so as to save labor and material. In addition, the leakage prevention of the pool must be handled properly. See the following figure for details: The best design scheme of the pool (drainage well, drainage pit, drainage pipe, overflow pipe, intake pipe, traveling wire pipe, intake wire pit and intake pipe) has been designed. Section 2: The design of one-step through-the-sky pool of dry fountain sheltered fountain.