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Eight Daily Maintenance Points of Music Fountain

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Music fountain design and construction is a long-term project, which needless to say can be known, but few people will care about the later maintenance of music fountain. Neijiang Art Fountain Factory, Sichuan, summarizes eight points about the daily maintenance of music fountains need to do, hoping to help you.


Music fountain

1. Music fountain maintenance is the most important fountain pump, fountain pump is a long-term work, so the daily maintenance of fountain pump is very necessary. If the fountain pump works for 500 hours, the pump body of the fountain pump needs to be taken out for lubrication maintenance. Because the fountain pump rotates for a long time, its lubrication function will be weakened, so adding lubricating oil regularly can avoid the friction of the fountain pump when it works for a long time, otherwise it will cause overload operation and affect the fountain service life.

2. In addition, the fountain’s wires should be checked regularly, because the fountain operates in water, so the aging and breakage of the wires will lead to leakage and other problems, which will easily lead to electric shock accidents. Therefore, the maintenance of the wire should also be regular, so as to ensure the safety of the fountain.

3. When the weather turns cool, most of the fountains in the north will enter the stop-fountain stage. How to pass the dormant period of the fountain is related to the future start-up effect. Therefore, after the stop-fountain and stop-fountain, the maintenance of the fountain should be done well.

4. Professional maintenance personnel are required to maintain fountain equipment, and electrical equipment maintenance personnel also need to hold professional certificates. Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment should be carried out under the condition of cutting off the power supply. If special circumstances require live operation, safety protection measures should be taken, and special guardianship should be set up for important parts.

5. The fountain underwater lamp should be inspected monthly and the loose screw should be tightened, especially the running spring. It is necessary to avoid short circuit caused by water inflow into the underwater lamp body of fountain. The replacement of underwater lamps must be carried out without water and the bolts must be firmly fastened.

6. The spare equipment of fountain should be started and operated regularly (daily replacement with high frequency and once replacement with low frequency), so as to prevent the performance of the equipment from degrading.

7. The fountain submersible pump must radiate the cooling water during the winter shutdown to avoid ice damage to the pump body. (Oil-cooled valves need to be closed). Pump suction nozzle should be cleaned monthly to prevent dirt from clogging suction nozzle, reduce work efficiency and even cause equipment damage.

8. The connection of waterproof cable must be carried out without water, and three layers of protection should be carried out with waterproof tape, insulating tape and high voltage insulating tape. Check the aging of wires and cables not in water every six months to prevent unnecessary losses.

Above is the daily maintenance of music fountains need to do, Xiaobian that professional music fountain equipment maintenance work, the best is to do by professional fountain company. Sichuan Neijiang Art Fountain Factory has accumulated rich experience in the design and construction of music fountains for more than 20 years. Welcome your consultation.


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