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How to design a musical fountain to look good

Publish Time:2019/08/20 News 标签:music fountainsSCNJ Art Fountain FactoryNumber of views:745

I believe that most people have definitely seen music fountains. In many big cities, there are basically large music squares with music fountains. Through manual installation and setting, we can spray and sing at a certain time. So how do we design a musical fountain to make it look better? The following SCNJ Art Fountain Factory will come to you.


1, the form of spurting, this is a more important design link, if the spurting is a ring, then when we design, the object that is ejected should not choose animals. Because if it is an animal, we only spray it from the animal’s mouth or at a certain point, so the ring that is sprayed out is not good-looking. If only a certain point is sprayed out, then it will be very stingy.

2. The selection of music, as an important part, is definitely a requirement. The first thing to do is the cheerful music. When we design the fountain to squirt, there are many ways to design it. Bringing a harmonious citrus to everyone, it will be a pleasure for those who appreciate it.

3, the choice of location, we must choose a more spacious place, and with neon lights, then it can arouse the resonance of people’s hearts, giving people a more pleasant feeling.

No matter how the designers design, they must conform to people’s aesthetics, so that the design is good. Some of the more unique designs may make some people shine, but they may not meet the aesthetics of most people.

The above content is the sharing that Sichuan Neijiang Art Fountain Factory brings to everyone, and I hope to help everyone.


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