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Sea fountain

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Sea fountains are more complex than general fountain projects. Brand music fountain manufacturers introduce you to the precautions for building fountains at sea.
As a seawater fountain project, the technical complexity of building a fountain over fresh water is much higher. First is the difference in salt and alkali content, and the seawater is also accompanied by sand. Therefore, it is very difficult to reach the sea level at a given height, and it is necessary to have sufficient pressure support. With modern technology, designers finally found a design and construction solution: the key is to design high-pressure water pumps, there must be enough pressure to spray seawater into the sky, and the pipeline design should also prevent seawater corrosion and grit blockage. The sea wonders engineering designer said that first they need find a 90-meter high slope, build a power distribution station on it, and build the support structure on another high slope. A flat land was dug under the sea floor, and the pipe was laid under the sea of 30 meters. Pumps and pipes could not be seen on the land.
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