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Glass jump spring

Publish Time:2019/06/21 News Number of views:953

The Glass jump spring is a high-tech waterscape art. The water is sprayed through a special nozzle, and the water column is formed along the set trajectory. Different from the general characteristics that the fountain is easy to disperse in the air, the wave light spring can always maintain the state of aggregation. Usually, a strong light source is set inside the wave light spring nozzle, and the light is bent into a beam parabolic beam by the total internal reflection effect of the wave spring water column. The curved wave water line runs through the pool. The single and high spray, small and elegant springs enhance the undulating effect, and a light, soaring momentum is on the way, thus increasing the hydrophilicity, creating different levels of water in the flowing water surface, forming a distinctive feature, to form a distinctive landscape. water water


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