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How does fountain design company design and build a swing spray fountain

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In an ideal fountain design project, the fountain design company, through the design of the front-end and the construction of professional technical facilities, will display various types of fountain water scenery and achieve the swing mechanism from the fountain. Because of the desired open water spray pattern, it has created a variety of colorful and postural changes of water spray, making the whole fountain water landscape more attractive.
Generally, the swing mechanism behind it should be completed as the technology contained. The change of the position and speed of the swing fountain can be fully grasped, which is an important factor to produce the swing water style. The position sensor of the fountain swing mechanism should be a waterproof non-contact positioning device. Hall sensors induced by magnets, optoelectronic sensors guided by optical fibers or rotary position encoders attracted by magnets are often used.
1. The positioning device of the fountain swing mechanism using position coder includes position coder mounted on the swing motor shaft, high-speed counter, control computer and communication interface, etc.
2. Accurate parking of asynchronous motors involves the question of which method to use for braking. The energy consumption braking method is adopted, and the braking torque is generated in the stator to generate the braking torque for braking, and the torque is also zero when the rotating speed is zero, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate parking.
3. The connecting rod of the swing mechanism usually has large clearance. In order to achieve accurate positioning, the swing mechanism can only reach the positioning point from one direction to ensure its repetitive accuracy. Therefore, when the swing mechanism needs to stop, it must reach the positioning point from one direction at a time.
The fountain design company promotes that in order to determine the base point of the swaying mechanism of the fountain springs, it will classify the effects of the motion moment and resistance moment according to the positioning accuracy. The motion moment can be determined by the power supply voltage of the motor and the motion speed before stopping. The resistance moment is composed of the friction force of the swaying mechanism, the velocity of the water flow and the surrounding wind force. Controlling the swaying of the splash in an indeterminate way or in a more convenient way can change the brake mode while completing the overall fountain view.


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