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The Combination of Fountain Design and Environmental Science

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The water body is affected and restricted by the natural environment, but at the same time, the water form changes have an impact on the environment. The combination of water scenery art and environmental science is mainly reflected in four aspects: tree essence and environmental protection, entertainment and leisure, residential district construction and decoration art.

First, Fountain Design and Environmental Protection

Water can improve the humidity and temperature of the environment. After the water reaches a certain amount of water, due to the radiation nature of water, when the heat capacity and thermal conductivity are different from the surrounding environment, it will change the heat exchange between the water body and the atmosphere, so that the temperature and humidity near the water body will change, making the local microclimate near the water body more personal and more favored. The self-purification function of water body makes the water scenery have the function of environmental protection. All kinds of water bodies in nature have a certain self-purification ability. When pollutants enter the water body, the water body is purified by a series of physical, chemical and biological changes, and the water body is partially or completely restored to its original state.

Second, Fountains and Recreation

Water-rich form can satisfy people’s visual enjoyment; the pleasant sound of water flowing can satisfy people’s auditory enjoyment; and the special existence mode of water can satisfy people’s tactile enjoyment. Therefore, water plays an important role in people’s entertainment and leisure. Waterscape is now widely used in the game site, seashore playgrounds, various swimming pools, marine parks, community set up in the children’s game water spraying and so on are favored by people.

Third, Fountain and Residential Community Construction

With the development of real estate industry and the improvement of people’s living standard, people are more eager for nature and hope to create colorful water space. The reaction of this kind of feeling in architectural design and candlelight construction is that people have higher and higher requirements for living environment. Water has once again become one of the active and attractive factors in architecture and residential.  Waterscape has become a bright spot in the residential area environmental landscape. The relationship between water and residence is not a simple water plus residence, but emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between man and water, man and nature, and emphasizes the harmonious relationship between matter and self.

Fourth, Fountain Waterscape and Decoration Art

Because of the variety of water scenery, the decoration of urban public space is more and more important. Large-area pools can also create soft reflections that increase the sense of space, thus achieving many water features that are not possible with other decorations on the flat. Running waterfalls, towering fountains, can make the space full of dynamic beauty, so that the landscape lively, resulting in magnificent feeling. As one of the urban decorative elements, the water view should also abide by certain decorative principles.The design should take into account the proportion, scale appropriate and the relationship between the water and the surrounding environment.


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